Seven Ways to Protect Your Organization’s Privileged Accounts

The increases in sophisticated, targeted security threats by both external attackers and malicious insiders have made it extremely difficult for organizations to properly protect critical and sensitive information. The task of protecting these assets has only grown harder as IT environments have become more complex and widely distributed across geographic locations and in the cloud.

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Multi-cloud requires a new security strategy

​As companies spread their wings and journey into the cloud, their workloads inevitably spread into multiple cloud services. While multi-cloud is now seen as a desirable strategy for business, this hasn’t always been the case. Early approaches to cloud adoption often involved moving workloads into a single public cloud service.

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Home, home on the cyber range

Many practitioners hone their incident detection and response skills through independent certifications, or even self-learning driven by their own enthusiasm. But with the establishment of a dedicated cybersecurity ‘cyber range’ in Sydney, one security vendor is adding gamification and hands-on training to bring skills development to a new level.

Jun 25 | Read more

CSO Roadshow 2018: We can secure all the things

This year's CSO Roadshow was themed around the security of things. And while, to some, it may seem like a hopeless case to try and secure everything, there was an atmosphere of optimism as people at the event looked to find ways to deal with what lies before us.

Jun 25 | Read more

CSO Roadshow 2018: How do we build a secure IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) poses a significant challenge to IT security teams. Suddenly, instead of having users in control of the majority of end-point devices, the devices will out-number people by a factor of seven to one if analyst predictions are accurate. That means we need to think about how we secure our networks and these devices in new ways.

Jun 22 | Read more

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