Look for the silver lining in GDPR’s privacy obligations

Analytics, security and data-governance vendors are lining up to help businesses that have been caught out by the activation of the European Union’s general data privacy regulation (GDPR) and the looming introduction of similar Australian policies that threaten to overrun companies with consumer data requests.

May 25 | Read more

GDPR is here, but few Australian staff know what to do about it

Eurovision may have accepted Australia as one of its own, but Australian businesses may be hoping European Union authorities forget about them for a while as survey after survey suggests that they have missed today’s deadline for compliance with the EU’s general data protection regulation (GDPR) by a country mile.

May 25 | Read more

Customers recommend, spend more with companies that protect their data – so why are so few businesses GDPR ready?

Increasingly data-hungry businesses risk commercial consequences as sceptical consumers threaten retaliatory action against companies that can’t protect sensitive personally identifiable information (PII), new research has found even as surveys suggest just 29 percent of companies will comply with globally-significant GDPR privacy legislation when it comes into effect next week.

May 17 | Read more

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