Video: Google flaunts Cloud data security

Old hard drives crushed to prevent leakage

Google has sought to reassure its three million global Cloud customers with the release of a video tour of its Hamina data centre facility in Finland.

Google Enterprise US senior manager, Adam Swidler, said in a blog post that the video was released to highlight the physical security, data protection measures, and reliability of its Cloud operations.

The video shows Fort Knox-level physical security including iris scans, closed circuit TV and perimeter fencing. The company also explains that all customer data is "stored in multiple locations to help ensure reliability”.

“The files that store data are given random file names and are not stored in clear text, so they're not humanly readable."

After old drives are destroyed, Google said in a statement that it retains extra backups on tape drives.

The video’s release coincided with outages to the eastern United States region of Amazon Web Services’ Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) service, downing popular Web services and affecting several Australian companies.

Check out the tour below:

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