Week in review: Volume of Australian data breaches continues unabated

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Long-awaited quarterly figures on the Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme, published by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC), demonstrated that Australia’s data-breach problem continues unabated, with hundreds of breaches reported over the period and massive volumes of customer records compromised.

The figures highlighted the effect of tighter governance regulations this year – in particular, the NDB and EU GDPR laws that have imposed higher expectations of privacy practice on all sorts of companies in Australia and overseas.

Surging numbers of reported breaches are finally painting a more detailed picture of the real cybersecurity threats that companies face, with ever-increasing visibility expected to continue the trend.

An update to Google’s reCaptcha bot-tester promises to hide the authentication process from human website visitors altogether.

Apple had a big product launch, with its T2 chip making sure the MacBook’s microphone can’t be exploited by hackers, while shielding FileVault from Intel CPUs.

Cisco’s Firepower security appliances were being pummelled with exploits against a zero-day vulnerability and the company warned that there is no patch for the problem.

Also on the exploits front, Cisco and Aruba Wi-Fi equipment was being hit with a common Bluetooth chip flaw that opens up a new vulnerability.

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