Week in security: As Black Friday deals wind up, nation-state cybercrims are changing focus

Credit: ID 136553455 © Rashad Aliyev | Dreamstime.com

Retailers are well aware that the increasing levels of transactions over the Black Friday-to-Cyber Monday long shopping weekend make them vulnerable to fraud and malware – and the actual levels of compromise will soon become clear in the wake of warnings that online shoppers were being targeted with malicious mobile apps and web sites.

In another reminder about the inadvertent risks of holiday tech, there were warnings that a $30 smartwatch for kids was vulnerable to leaking details about the kids’ locations due to a poor security design.

Meanwhile, global security giant Prosegur was knocked offline by Ryuk ransomware.

Healthcare-technology firm Volpara shared its approach to secure development in a mission-critical environment based around data-driven mammography,

Global hacking groups in Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and Russia are getting tasked with new missions against online targets, experts were warning.as Google researchers revealed that Google Threat Analysis Group specialists are tracking no fewer than 270 government-backed hacking groups.

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