Stories by Michael Fitzgerald

Avoiding basic BYOD blunders

For all the sophistication and power of the modern cell phone or tablet, people think of them more or less like pens: You can use the generic ballpoints they have at the office, or you can bring the one you like from home. That's a consequence of high technology becoming pervasive. People use technology widely, and they might prefer what they use on their own time.

Michael Fitzgerald | 14 Feb | Read more

What's your Total Cost of Risk (TCOR)?

If you don't know, you need a better connection to your company's risk managers, who measure risk by what can be insured and what it costs to do so. While the measurement of operational risks is still a bit of a puzzle for CSOs, risk managers have used TCOR for ages.

Michael Fitzgerald | 12 Nov | Read more

Video content analysis: still looking for its place

The technique of using algorithms to analyze footage from video surveillance cameras in real time began coming into its own five years ago. It's an intriguing adaptation of standard surveillance security. It's still an emerging market, as Jon Cropley, principal analyst at IMS Research, told CSO.

Michael Fitzgerald | 25 Oct | Read more

In depth: What does APT really mean?

Every couple of years the security world faces its version of Jason or Freddie or Ghostface, some malevolent force that aims to end life as we know it. From the worm to the virus to the Trojan horse to phishing to SQL injection to the Zero Day Exploit, these serial killers build on one another and torture the dreams of CSOs.

Michael Fitzgerald | 13 Mar | Read more

How Facebook and Twitter are changing data privacy rules

CIOs think about <a href="">privacy</a> the way some people think about exercise: with a sigh and a sense of impending pain. Outside of regulated industries like health care--where patient privacy is paramount--privacy affects CIOs as a corollary of security when, say, a laptop holding millions of people's records is lost or hackers siphon off customer data.

Michael Fitzgerald | 12 Jun | Read more