Stories by Larry Ponemon

How to create an effective data security communication plan

In today's global office, IT security leadership spends a great deal of time and resources creating a defense-in-depth approach to data security. This often includes layering on both logical and physical solutions as well as detailing out policies and procedures for accessing company data in a secure manner.

Larry Ponemon | 05 Feb | Read more

Is the open floor plan trend a data security headache?

Today, more and more businesses are foregoing the traditional design setup of cubicles and closed-off offices for an open floor plan. Companies like Facebook and Google market their open-office floor plans to potential employees, touting that the design allows workers to work closely together and fosters a culture of collaboration.

Larry Ponemon | 26 Aug | Read more

Encryption: A nice idea few want to implement

Companies are not embracing encryption as a way to protect sensitive data. According to Ponemon Institute's 2005 National Encryption Survey, only 4.2 percent of companies responding to our survey say their organizations have an enterprisewide encryption plan.

Larry Ponemon | 28 Dec | Read more

Privacy and the PDA

Wireless devices are a great way to keep in touch with the office. But does your staff know how important the safety features are? A cautionary tale.

Larry Ponemon | 05 Jun | Read more