Stories by Anthony Caruana

You're hacked - get over it

Here's a sobering thought. Phil Lieberman, the President of Lieberman Software, says, "Every day you wake up, you know somebody is in your network. You just don’t know where they are, what they're getting and what you can do to stop them".

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Closing the Gap in Cyber Security

FBI Director James B. Comey addressed the assembled masses at RSA Conference to discuss cyber threats to the United States' national security. Although there have been some steps forward much remains to be done. The government and the private sector need to share threat information in real time and create open lines of communication and share best practices.

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RSA Conference Awards

For the last 17 years, RSA Conference has recognised leaders in the field of information security. This year, the contributions of several notable people were recognised through Lifetime Achievement Award and the awards for Excellence in the Fields of Information Security, Mathematics and Public Policy

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The Malware Factory

The days of malware being the pastime of bored teenagers are well behind us. Not only has the malware business become a lucrative revenue stream for some of society's seedier elements but it's entered the age of automation in a big way.

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Cisco integrates Sourcefire and Cognitive Security features, adds OpenAppID

Following last year's acquisition of Sourcefire, Cisco has added its Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) into its Content Security Portfolio of products, including Web and Email Security Appliances and Cloud Web Security Service. This adds the option of advanced malware protection for more than 60 million enterprise and commercial users currently protected with Cisco Content Security solutions.

Anthony Caruana | 26 Feb | Read more

Macs all round despite security scare

A security flaw, introduced to Mac OS X some months ago leaves users vulnerable to attack. The security hole, created by a programming error, allows Apple's SSL/TLS library to skip verification checks of a server's authenticity when establishing a connection. The flaw affects Macs running OS X 10.9.1.

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RSA Conference Opening Keynote

The opening keynote of any conference is a key moment that sets the tone for the rest of the event. RSA's Art Coviello kicked off this year's RSA Conference at the Moscone Center. This year's event has been mired in controversy following the revelations that RSA received payments from the NSA to provide backdoor access to one of RSA's products.

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AISA Annual Conference wrap up

If there’s one word that summarises what information security professionals learned at the recent AISA Annual Conference it’s 'multi-factorial'. Although two-factor authentication isn't new, we need to think of security from a number of different perspectives.

Anthony Caruana | 15 Oct | Read more

What is identity? It’s not what you think

When an expert like Stephen Wilson, the Managing Director of LockStep - a firm concerned with strategic research and analysis in digital identity and privacy - says that we’ve been “banging our heads against a brick wall” when it comes to identity, it’s probably time to look up and pay attention.

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The Security Odyssey

How do we know if we’re doing information security well? How far along the journey to information security nirvana are we and what does that place even look like? George Arronis, the Head of ICT Risk and Security for Serco Asia Pacific has some views on positive and negative trends he’s seeing.

Anthony Caruana | 10 Oct | Read more