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The Cyber Security Marketplace

​We have heard about the gaps in the marketplace – we can’t find good cyber security resources. I’ve also heard that students remark that I can’t get a job in cyber, even after doing a degree in this area.

David Gee | 25 May | Read more

National Fintech Cyber Security Summit

I’ve been recently invited by Finsia to attend as their representative at the Inaugural National Fintech Cyber Security Summit.This event is being held in Sydney on May 3rd and is aimed to help to accelerate the relationships and collaborations necessary to develop Australia’s innovative capability in fintech cyber security.

David Gee | 13 Apr | Read more

CISO Leaders : Tammy Moskites, CIO & CISO, Venafi

Cyber security has transformed from what most viewed as an IT issue to a central business concern, and the CIO and CISO roles are shifting in response. If we’re to keep up the pace and adopt emerging technologies, security needs to be a priority and CIOs and CISOs need to work together to mitigate risk in organizations across industries and throughout government.

David Gee | 04 Apr | Read more

Cyber Security Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood watch was created in the 1980’s and I recall putting a sticker on the front window of my own home. The idea was simple - if we all were on alert to crime then we could then as a community discourage criminals.

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