Stories by Tony Bradley

The disaster-recovery lessons we learned after Katrina

The destruction of the hurricane itself, and the subsequent flooding that put most of New Orleans underwater knocked many businesses out of commission—and more than a few completely out of existence. Thankfully, we have learned a lot of hard lessons in the wake of Hurricane Katrina that businesses can use to be better-prepared for the next major disaster.

Tony Bradley | 28 Aug | Read more

Businesses ill-prepared to defend against dramatic rise in zero day attacks

Businesses have been diligently working to defend against attacks and exploits for years. The problem is that much of the conventional wisdom about security is reactive and most of the security tools available are only effective against known threats. The rise over the last year or so in targeted zero day attacks has left many organizations feeling defenseless and concerned.

Tony Bradley | 04 Jun | Read more

Are commercial planes in danger of being hacked?

A controversy has erupted over claims that a security researcher hacked the avionics systems of a commercial airline through its in-flight entertainment system. Many security experts dismiss the story as simply ludicrous, but some believe it’s possible—and that is cause for very serious concern.

Tony Bradley | 22 May | Read more

Ransomware alert: 'Pacman' scheme uses Dropbox link to gobble victims

All malware is bad, but ransomware is particularly insidious--ask any ransomware victim. That's why a new attack scheme called "Pacman" has raised alarms, because it's even nastier than usual. Think of the classic Pac-Man game's voracious yellow ball, chomping up all of your files. It takes only one click to infect a vulnerable PC, and the attack gives victims only 24 hours to pay the ransom in Bitcoins or risk losing all of the compromised data.

Tony Bradley | 04 Apr | Read more