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2012: the Year of Cyberwar that wasn't

It was going to be the year of cyberwar, we were told on the eve of 2012. We've seen plenty of scary news stories since about dangerous nation-state actors, usually without naming them. But I reckon we've now got the focus wrong.

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High praise for Oz DSD's "Catch, Patch, Match"

The newly-updated Top 35 Mitigation Strategies from Australia's Defence Signals Directorate (DSD) has received high praise from Alan Paller, founder and director of research of the SANS Institute. It could even make Australia the world's infosec leader.

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Fake-police ransomware reaches Australia

The wave of ransomware masquerading as law enforcement operations has reached Australia. Instances of an Australian Federal Police (AFP) branded scam have been reported attacking PCs this week. A more serious scam has been attacking business servers.

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Symantec's Sydney SOC surge sounds suspiciously so-so

Symantec's so-what launch of a minor facilities upgrade in Sydney illustrates a key problem facing all information security vendors. How do you convince the pointy-haired bosses to go for your company's tender when it's almost impossible to reveal any meaningful comparisons with the competitors?

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Why Flame can't be the world's most complex malware

The most remarkable thing about the [[xref:|Flame worm|]] is that it's dominating global news. Not that Flame isn't newsworthy. Most people are still unaware of the scope and scale of online espionage. It's new to the audience, therefore it is news. But why now?

Stilgherrian | 30 May | Read more