Stories by Bob Brown

iPhone 5 has Wall Street in a tizzy

It’s going to be hard to top Topeka Capital analyst Brian White’s comment to clients that the anticipated Apple iPhone 5 launch this Wednesday could be the “biggest upgrade in consumer electronics history.” But plenty of other Wall Street analysts aren’t holding back either.

Bob Brown | 12 Sep | Read more

LulzSec gets Google+ boot, but returns

Hacker group LulzSec ("the world's leaders in high-quality entertainment at your expense") has had its initial Google+ account nixed this week, though LulzSec has quickly and brashly re-emerged with a new one

Bob Brown | 03 Aug | Read more

M&A expert to CIOs: Be careful what you ask for

M&A industry veteran Paul Deninger, a vice chairman at Jefferies & Co., has made a living advising companies on mergers, acquisitions, IPOs and the like. But even he acknowledges that too much industry consolidation isn't a good thing for technology innovation. I spoke with Deninger this week about the state of the M&A market and what’s likely ahead.

Bob Brown | 15 Dec | Read more

Is securing your network worth the money?

We often hear corporate IT pros complain that justifying security expenses is tough because they don't necessarily generate revenue or enable new business opportunities. In fact, figuring out the economics of IT security is so challenging for customers and vendors that lots of the world's best researchers are putting their minds to the task.

Bob Brown | 10 Jul | Read more

INFOSEC - Making a honeypot network security system work

Honeypots have largely been relegated to use by academia and antivirus vendors because most enterprise IT teams figure they're too expensive to run and could land their companies in legal trouble. But honeypots aren't as scary as all that, according to an expert on the topic who spoke at the InfoSec World Conference & Expo in Orlando Tuesday.

Bob Brown | 22 Mar | Read more