In Pictures: Hottest products at RSA Conference 2013

Our roundup of new security products on hand at this week's show.

  • The annual RSA Conference, held since 1991, this year will attract 350+ exhibitors to San Francisco, where products showcased will include mobile device security offerings, key management tools, anti-malware gear and more.

  • Product name: TITUS Classification for Desktop Key features: enables users to classify and RMS-protect any file on a Windows desktop, including Adobe PDF, videos, images, CAD files, and more.

  • Product Name: MobileTrust Key features: • Keystroke Encryption encrypts all data typed into the on-screen keyboard, protecting user credentials and online transactions from mobile keylogging malware. • Password vault stores all passwords for internal networks and external cloud services in an encrypted database, enables corporate users to securely login to any website or VPN directly from within the MobileTrust application. • Strong password generator enables users to create and store hard-to-crack passwords. This is especially important since most users use easy-to-guess passwords. • Provides two-factor authentication for login access to internal or external sites that comply with the OATH standard. This eliminates the need of using expensive physical token solutions.

  • Product name -- Digital Guardian Agent for Mac OS X Key features -- permits continuous forensic logging of system, application, user and data-level events as well as data discovery, classification tagging and risk-based policy enforcement.

  • Product name: Co3 Security Module Key features: automates the security incident response process across its four procedural pillars: prepare, assess, manage, and report. It supports simulations, instant incident response plan generation, collaboration, and reporting.

  • Product name – Check Point 21700 Appliance Key features – This compact 2U chassis offers 78Gbps of firewall throughput, 25Gbps of IPS throughput and a 2,922 SecurityPower unit (SPU) rating.

  • Product name: Bitzer m/Drive Key features: Enables secure access to corporate network files from mobile devices. Bitzer m/Drive is designed for enterprises to provide secure, authenticated access to Windows Network Intranet files from employee mobile devices, without the cloud.

  • Product name: IBM Security AppScan Source 8.7 Key features: helps organizations proactively reduce security risks to iOS enterprise applications. Organizations can build security into the initial design of iOS applications, so vulnerabilities are detected early in development.

  • Product name: Detect Safe Browsing To Go (DSB2Go) Key features: A highly affordable, easy-to-use USB device that offers users a system of secure access to critical websites, regardless of whether the machine used is infected with malware.

  • Product name: Thales keyAuthority Key features: provides centralized, high assurance key management for encryption-enabled applications and systems using the widely accepted industry standard Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP).

  • Product name – Advanced Malware Protection appliance Key features – defends against sophisticated network malware – from point of entry, through propagation, to post-infection remediation – providing deployment flexibility for organizations needing immediate advanced malware protection.

  • Product name: ADF-4200 Key features: protects against advanced SQL injection and database Denial of Service (Db DoS) threats. Using behavioral analysis technology, the ADF-4200 immediately identifies any rogue SQL traffic on your network.

  • Product Name: ForeScout Mobile Integration Module for Citrix XenMobile MDM Edition Key features: ForeScout integrated its network access control and endpoint compliance with Citrix XenMobile MDM to allow IT organizations better security, compliance and control for all endpoints on an enterprise network.

  • Product Name: Log Manager Pricing: LM is priced based on log data volume we process for a customer. Customers buy based on number of gigabytes of log data we archive per day with pricing starting at $100/mo for small volume environments. A typical customer with 25 log sources will likely generate about 1 GB of log data per day, which has a list price of $900/mo. This comes with 1 year of log retention. If the customer wanted to only store the log data for 90 days, that price would drop to $360/mo. Key features: Allows users to manage log data from all of their infrastructure – including environments inside enterprise data centers all the way through fully elastic public clouds – in a single console.

  • Product name: Dell SonicWALL SuperMassive 9000 Series (Next Generation Firewall) Key features: provides enterprise networks with advanced threat protection including intrusion prevention and anti-malware at multi-gigabit speeds. Using Dell’s patented RFDPI (Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection) technology and Application Intelligence and Control, the 9000 series delivers advanced security, performance, and scalability.

  • Product Name: SSH Key Discovery Service Key features: Provides enterprises with full visibility and management over security and compliance issues within their secure shell environments; delivering an essential first step in asserting controlover encrypted networks.

  • Product name: 40G Bypass Switch Key features: an intelligent network bypass switch designed for organizations migrating to 40G networks and inline tools.

  • Product name: Secunia SmallBusiness Key features: is an intelligent, cloud-based patch management solution suited for up to 50 PCs. It protects small businesses against the threat posed by known software vulnerabilities.

  • Product name: Junos Spotlight Secure Key features: Cloud-based global hacker database system that uses Juniper’s Intrusion Deception technology to identify and track individual attackers based on device attributes and shares those profiles broadly across its subscriber base.

  • Product name: DigitalQuick Key features: DigitalQuick encrypts files saved to the cloud (as well as the desktop) using advanced security protocols. It’s the only service that can add specific permissions and restrictions to encrypted data.

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