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  • Security Delivery Platforms for Dummies

    Despite a plethora of network security and monitoring tools, detecting and responding to cyberthreats are increasingly challenging tasks. The very nature of corporate networks and the way in which security tools are deployed put IT teams at a clear disadvantage. The corporate network is no longer a static, well‐defined entity that can be adequately protected with an armory of perimeter‐based security tools. Instead, it’s an amorphous, dynamic entity that extends well beyond the four walls of the data center. Technologies such as cloud computing, virtualization, and mobile computing add to the complexity. Meanwhile, IT teams must shoehorn security tools into the network infrastructure and hope that their limited view of traffic will be enough to expose the low‐and‐slow activity that’s characteristic of advanced threats. But as long as there are blind spots on the network, there’s a chance that malicious activity is going undetected. IT organizations need a new approach that enables visibility across the entire IT infrastructure, including physical, virtual, and cloud environments. They need a security delivery platform.

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