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  • The 2015 Social Engineering Survival Guide

    Despite being an integral aspect of many, if not most, major attacks, social engineering tactics always seem to go underappreciated by enterprise security teams. However, it's often easier to trick someone into opening an email and exploiting a vulnerability that way, or convincing an unsuspecting assistant to provide a few useful bits of information, than it is to directly attack a web application or network connection.

    George V. Hulme | 23 Jan | Read more

  • Top 5 skills needed for a SOC analyst

    Building a Security Operations Center (SOC) from scratch or revamping an underperforming one is a daunting leadership challenge. Of all the tasks you have to think about, finding and hiring a set of SOC analysts with the right skill set has to be a top priority.

    Rick Howard | 10 Mar | Read more

  • Zero-day attacks: How to fight back

    With cybercrime hitting more than 500 million victims globally and costing $100 billion annually, it's clear that security breaches are a problem very far from being solved. One particularly dangerous threat that doesn't seem to be getting its fair share of attention is zero-day attacks.

    Dirk A. D. Smith | 19 Aug | Read more

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