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  • Today's Approach to Security is Broken

    Over the last month I've attended four international events that have had a focus on security. And there's one data point that ought to have every CSO, CISO and CIO out there worried. Despite more money than ever being spent on security – and the amount is increasing – the amount of money being lost as a result of security breaches is rising at an even greater rate.

    Anthony Caruana | 17 Apr | Read more

  • Security Operations the Final Frontier

    Operations Shady RAT, Operation Aurora, Operation Night Dragon sounds like names out of a WikiLeaks memo or even more a Hollywood action blockbuster. Sadly not, these are the three names that have done the rounds in the last 2 – 3 years where information security defenses of organizations were not only breached but data assets were stolen for sure.

    Puneet Kukreja | 31 Aug | Read more

  • Opinion: Information Security - Shaping the Future

    With a career in IT longer than I am willing to admit (suffice to say that it all began in a time when dinosaurs ruled the earth!), I am a relatively recent recruit to the Information Security profession. Not that the concept of security was new or strange, after all, security has been a function of IT for as long as I’ve been around.

    Sue Strodl | 15 Aug | Read more

  • Opinion: Breadth First Hacking

    Recent publicity for online hacking groups such as Anonymous and Lulzsec has seemed to show that nobody is immune from attack on the Internet. Once targeted, it seems that these groups are capable of breaching security systems and retrieving data, including identity information, from the most secure systems.

    Robert Layton | 13 Aug | Read more

  • Opinion: Enterprise Security Architecture as a discipline – the three viewpoints.

    Enterprise Security Architecture for an organisation as a discipline is required to outline an enterprise wide risk-driven approach to information security and deliver infrastructure solutions in response to the organisations threat profile. Enterprise Security Architecture is required to drive and support the standardisation and management of an organisations information security discipline.

    Puneet Kukreja | 10 Aug | Read more