Kasperskys discuss cybercrime

China, not the Russian Mafia, tops the list of bad guys according to Eugene and Natalya Kaspersky

What are some other examples of new types of criminal activity?

Eugene: Internet bank robbers have been stealing access codes for bank accounts. So, one type of protection that banks use is to allow a connection only from the local area. Now, hackers have developed a network of proxy servers, they have infected thousands of servers across the globe, and they have created a database of infected servers. This database is for rent. Bank robbers just buy access to this database of proxies and get access to local banks.

Any others?

Eugene: I was seeing financial spam and was curious about the business idea behind it. What happens is that criminals manage to hack into broker software and play on the stock exchange using other people's money.

It's called pump and dump. They buy shares with somebody else's resources and when the shares go up, they sell it and forget about it.

What's changing in terms of corporate security?

Eugene: We are living not inside of some perimeter. We are living in the open world. And we need to change our mind about security -- we need to protect all the devices.

We need to think about security from a different point of view, not just to secure your corporate network. It's not enough. We need to secure all the devices which are getting into the network or removed from the network.

Now we're hearing about polymorphic viruses that can change form over time. Is that a new problem?

Eugene: In the past, there were not so many mutated viruses, because there were just a few hooligans who developed it. Now there are a number of criminal groups that do it and the number of groups is increasing. Now we need more experienced developers to develop special routines to detect this malicious code. It's not easy.

So, what's it like fighting cybercriminals?

Eugene: Life is getting more complicated because these bad guys they want to have computers infected and they pay special attention to antivirus protection, developing new techniques to bypass antivirus technology. They know the IP addresses of the antivirus companies, so if you connect to a fake site from the IP address of an antivirus company you get back a clean sample. They are very tricky guys.

I'm watching the changes in their criminal technology and I'm really afraid, because these guys are getting more experienced. They develop anti-antivirus technology, we have to develop anti-anti-antivirus technology.

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