Tesco Bank in chaos as customer login choked offline for third day

Bank has not explained source of problem or how it is being fixed

Some Tesco Bank customers have been unable to see their accounts for a third day, prompting scores of angry comments online.

The problem follows a weekend migration of savings and loans accounts from systems at RBS, the bank with whixch it had a joint venture until 2008. Tesco was migrating the accounts to its own Fiserv Signature bank platform.

Tesco yesterday assured customers that the problem was fixed, and reiterated the statement this morning.

But throughout the morning, Computerworld UK readers have commented that they are still having trouble. "Tesco Bank access still not working and yet there is nothing about the reasons or what is happening on their website," wrote Chris. "This is a total and utter disgrace!"

A number of readers said they will leave the bank. "I can't understand comments that Tesco appear to have made to the media suggesting that the problem has been 'fixed'! It's pretty clear that Tesco is having a huge IT collapse and, as soon as I'm able, I'll be moving my funds to another bank," wrote Jon.

"Unable to access savings account, unable to get anybody at Tesco to answer their phone. Shambles. Will move account to another bank ASAP," wrote another reader. One reader added: "I will be seeking compensation as I need to move money to meet other commitments."

Some readers commented that the system at least partially worked if they used the Mozilla Firefox browser, but failed with Microsoft Internet Expolorer.

"I did download Firefox and managed to get in to my account (I also had to download Flash V9 - God help anybody who doesn't know what they are doing)" wrote Chris. "It sort of worked ok but the new level of security wouldn't let me move any money to my high street bank account without sending them a bank statement first - just a delaying tactic I suspect."

A spokesperson at Tesco insisted the site was working this morning. Yesterday, the bank apologised for the problems and said it had "increased the number of staff at our call centre to handle this increased call volume".

Tesco has not defined what caused the problems, and has not said what system fixes it is making.

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