New Singapore DNSSEC facility switches on

.au still yet to support DNSSEC

Singapore last week joined Zurich, Switzerland and San Jose, USA, as host to a Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) facility.

"Although people browsing the Internet often take it for granted that the sites they visit are created and operated by their purported owners, it is possible for criminals with knowledge of the Internet’s addressing system to create counterfeit websites that look like the real thing but capture users’ private information," said ICANN chief executive officer, Rod Beckstrom, in a statement.

"The DNSSEC facilities will allow many additional countries to immediately gain the benefits of DNSSEC protection for their country code TLDs [top-level domains] without needing to build and maintain their own million-dollar security facilities."

The DNSSEC protocol is currently supported by a number of TLDs, including Germany's .de, .com and .net, but not .au.

The Singapore is protected by five levels of physical facility including a hardware security module (HSM), an intrusion prevention system contained within a sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF) that is kept in a secure room contained within a data centre.

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