Anonymous hacks Booz Allen Hamilton, steals 90,000 military emails

The hacker group Anonymous claims it has stolen information from government contractor Booz Allen Hamilton that it says will help it hack into resources of other contractors and security consultants.

The theft was part of a larger operation that yielded 90,000 military emails and password hashes that the group posted on The Pirate Bay.

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The group says the attack was relatively simple. "We infiltrated a server on their network that basically had no security measures in place. We were able to run our own application, which turned out to be a shell and began plundering some booty," the group says.

The theft was part of Anonymous' AntiSec campaign that encourages hacking and defacing government websites and those of large corporations. "Top priority is to steal and leak any classified government information, including email spools and documentation," the group says.

The group also claimed it deleted 4GB of source code from a Booz Allen Hamilton server. "And last but not least we found maps and keys for various other treasure chests buried on the islands of government agencies, federal contractors and shady whitehat companies," the group's The Pirate Bay posting says. "This material surely will keep our blackhat friends busy for a while."

Booz Allen Hamilton could not be reached immediately for comment.

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