Review: Self-Encrypting External Hard Disk Drives

When evaluating secure, external, portable, hard-drives for yourself, the fundamental question is do you want a hardware- or a software-based device?


The products discussed here are really a small cross section of what is available in the encrypted hard disk market. 

Our testing has shown that any of these products are all well thought out, good quality devices which would serve their purpose well. It is nice to be able to review a group of products that all perform well. 
If put on the spot, from the hardware-based range our choice would be the iStorage disk Genie, it just had something about it. This product felt robust and we liked the classic manual buttons—when pressed, you can be sure they register. 

From the software-based products our choice is the CMS ABS Plus with Dataguard.  It has the portability that its sister product doesn’t offer, and it appealed more than the Eclypt Freedom. 
Having said this, all products would work more than adequately in any work environment.


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