Remains of the Day: Rise of the machines

The iPhone may get another prepaid offering, many Macs might be getting makeovers, and Woz may be getting even more ... eccentric. The remainders for Tuesday, June 5, 2012 would like to welcome our new robot overlords.

Sprint's Virgin Mobile to Offer iPhone (Wall Street Journal, subscription required)

Cricket may not be the only prepaid iPhone game in town for long. The Journal reports that Sprint-owned Virgin Mobile will also be carrying Apple's handset later this year. The only thing that worries me is that this may mean my mom finally gets an iPhone.

Apple to update most of its Mac lineup and multiple accessories at WWDC (9to5Mac)

According to its ever popular "sources," 9to5Mac reports that Apple will update most (but not all) of the Mac lineup, as well as accessories, at WWDC. You know what this means: argyle iPod Socks.

IPads On A Plane Let Scoot Save Fuel By Shedding TV Tons (Bloomberg)

Scoot, a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, is loaning business-class travelers free iPads and ripping out its in-flight entertainment systems. Those weight savings translate to better fuel efficiency, which in turn allows for cheaper tickets. The company plans to advertise the change in a commercial featuring Samuel L. Jackson exclaiming "I have had it with these *^%#@^! TVs on this !@#$%^& plane!"

iOS Security (Apple)

Apple's published an in-depth document detailing the security architecture of iOS. Even more amazingly, it's not just 20 pages of blackouts and "REDACTED."

Apple and Google Expand Their Battle to Mobile Maps (Wall Street Journal, subscription required)

After five years, it seems that Google and Apple may finally part ways on Maps for iOS. The Journal reports that the two companies' battles have expanded to include mapping information, though spokespeople for the firms would only describe the conflict as "taking alternate routes."

Woz warns Skynet "very, very close" to gaining self-awareness (9to5Mac)

Skynet warns self-awareness "very, very quickly" slipping away from Woz.

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