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New iPod touches and nanos may spring to life this fall, the latest Mac Trojan horse is making its debut, and one director has a new favorite P.A. The remainders for Tuesday, July 24, 2012 are going to be a star.

Apple Planning 'All-New' iPod Touch and iPod Nano for September Launch? (MacRumors)

The iPod's clearly tired of all the attention its phone sibling is getting. That would explain why Apple is reportedly prepping iPod touch and iPod nano refreshes for this fall. The info on the "all-new" products stems from an analyst, who doesn't offer much in the way of details. But sources tell this reporter that the new iPod nano is a featureless black slab that plays only deafening high-pitched radio waves.

Dianping Releases First Mobile Lifestyle Report, Showing Mobile Apps Exceed PC Apps in Terms of Daily Views (Dianping)

Dianping, a local business search site for China, has compiled statistics on the mobile lifestyle of its users. Among the conclusions? That iPhone owners prefer "an elegant and romantic lifestyle." Which I can only interpret as meaning that most iPhone owners are international superspies.

New Apple Mac Trojan Called OSX/Crisis Discovered by Intego Virus Team (Intego)

The folks at Intego have uncovered yet another Mac Trojan horse, this one affecting users of Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Lion. However, the exploit has not been found in the wild, so you'll have to visit it at your local malware zoo.

Martin Scorsese iPhone ad (Apple)

Legendary director Martin Scorsese has joined the ranks of Samuel L. Jackson, Zooey Deschanel, and John Malkovich by starring in a Siri ad. In other news, this is the weirdest movie cast ever assembled.

Product News:

DragThing 5.9.10 - TLA Systems has updated its dock application for OS X to version 5.9.10, bringing support for Mountain Lion and bug fixes. $29 for a new single license; $12 upgrade from version 2 or 4; free for owners of version 5.x.

PCalc 3.7.1 - The long-running scientific calculator app by TLA Systems has updated to version 3.7.1, with Mountain Lion compatibility and bug fixes. $10 for a single license; free update for existing users. (The Mac App Store version is coming, pending Apple approval.)

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