Remains of the Day: Charge!

Your iPhone may be getting more than just power from that charger. Elsewhere, the patent lawsuit is coming from inside the law firm and the iHernia of Mac portable concepts. The remainders for Monday, June 3, 2013 are large and in charge.

Researchers Say They Can Hack Your iPhone With A Malicious Charger (Forbes)

Security experts have created a malicious iPhone charger that can supposedly install malware on your iOS device when you connect it. Easy fix: Never charge your iOS device again. Take that, suckers!

Apple, betrayed by its own law firm (Ars Technica)

A truly weird story about a former lawyer for one of Apple's firms who started a campaign to sue Apple over patent infringement for its touchscreen devices, beginning just six days after the iPhone's release. How dare this man sully the good name of legal professionals everywhere!

Apple CEO Tim Cook on Collaboration (YouTube)

The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University has released several videos from alumnus Tim Cook's talk there last month. Among the topics Cook discussed are collaboration, career planning, intuition, and who took the cookie from the cookie jar.

Apple Is Said to Be Pressing for Internet Radio Deals (The New York Times)

The much-rumored Apple streaming service appears to be one step closer as reports suggest Cupertino has now signed a deal with Warner Music Group. With Universal Music already brought into the fold, that just leaves negotiations with two separate branches of Sony, who I think are still currently giving the PlayStation 4 keynote somewhere.

Walkmac revisited: The inside story of the 'first' portable Mac (CNet)

Imagine walking around with one of these puppies in your shoulder bag.

Now imagine the amount of pain you would have been in after it dislocated your shoulder.

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