Remains of the Day: Jungle boogie

Malware gets nasty about your surfing habits, Apple may want its own answer to Kinect, and the sounds of endangered species are the new hot sounds to listen to on your iPod. The remainders for Tuesday, July 16, 2013 will let the boogie flow.

New OS X malware holds Macs for ransom, demands $300 fine to the FBI for 'viewing or distributing' porn (The Next Web)

A piece of malware targeting Safari users on OS X claims that the user is being fined by the FBI for "viewing or distributing" pornography. Oh, man, that crazy dude in Florida is going to have a field day with this.

Apple reportedly in talks to buy company behind Kinect sensor (The Verge)

Cupertino may be looking to snap up Israeli-based Primesense, a firm that builds 3D sensors--including those used in Microsoft's first Kinect. Then we can all be worried about our iPhones watching us--and judging us.

Infinity Blade 2 Gets Giant Lift From Paid-to-Free Apple Promotion (AllThingsD)

A week of free downloads from the App Store did good things for the acclaimed Infinity Blade II. As one of the five free games (and ten free apps) given away to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the App Store, the normally $7 title added 5.7 million new players. That success also apparently rippled over to its predecessor, the original Infinity Blade, as well as an Infinity Blade ebook and the official Infinity Blade-branded dessert topping.

New Web-enabled technology records the presence of species by analyzing their sounds (

Here's a clever use for an iPod touch: a recording device to monitor endangered species. The University of Puerto Rico is using the Apple devices to listen for the sound of tropical species threatened by deforestation. One key indication? The sound of chainsaws, slowly growing louder ...

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