Remains of the Day: Kyrie Ellison

What does it truly mean to be ... Apple-y? One analyst gives it his best shot. Elsewhere, a billionaire hands down judgment on Apple without Steve Jobs, and London trash cans are collecting more than just rubbish. The remainders for Tuesday, August 13, 2013 burn a gem-like flame.

The Meanings of Appleiness (Asymco)

Analyst Horace Dedieu takes a stab at responding to the Meaning of Googliness post making the rounds. But he forgot to add "drinking the iKool-aid"! Amateur.

Larry Ellison Says We Already Know What Apple Without Jobs Will Look Like (AllThingsD)

Speaking of what it means to be Apple, outspoken Oracle CEO--and aspiring samurai--Larry Ellison gave a frank interview in which he implied that Apple without Steve Jobs can't compare to Apple with Steve Jobs. But Larry, what about Apple with two Steve Jobses? Eh?

City of London Corporation wants 'spy bins' ditched (The Guardian)

Trash cans in the City of London (the one-square-mile district in the heart of the UK capital) have apparently been tracking folks via their smartphones, collecting their MAC addresses and other information. Wait a second--that's not trash!

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