Remains of the Day: Bugging out

A T-Mobile move may hint at the next iPhone's release date, bugs swarm OS X and iOS, and Apple's bringing free music to the masses. The remainders for Thursday, August 29, 2013 are calling in the exterminator.

T-Mobile Scheduling Employee Blackout Dates For September 20th-22nd? (TmoNews)

Reports suggest T-Mobile is blacking out the days of September 20-22 for its employees looking to take vacation. So either the next iPhone is getting released that weekend, or the company's got a really great surprise party planned for its workers.

Unpatched Mac bug gives attackers "super user" status by going back in time (Ars Technica)

A five-month-old bug in the sudo command used in OS X could let a malicious hacker gain "superuser" access, simply by setting back the clock. Which begs the question: If you can turn back time, aren't you already a superhero?

Bug In Apple's CoreText Allows Specific String Of Characters To Crash iOS 6, OS X 10.8 Apps (TechCrunch)

Speaking of bugs, it turns out a specific string of Arabic characters can crash any app running on OS X 10.8 or iOS 6 that tries to read it. I'm guessing that's because Apple's platforms, like me, only took a year of Arabic and are really, really rusty.

Apple's iTunes Festival app offers free music (TUAW)

In celebration of this year's iTunes Festival in London, Apple is giving away half a dozen tracks on its music store. And don't feel too bad: I've never heard of any of them either.

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