McAfee CTO hired by EUROPOL as cybercrime advisor

Samani will still maintain his full-time role at McAfee

EU law enforcement agency EUROPOL has appointed the EMEA CTO of McAfee as cybercrime advisor at its European Cybercrime Centre (EC3).

McAfee's Raj Samani will work for the Hague-based EC3, which officially commenced its activities this January. EC3 has a mandate to tackle several key areas of cybercrime, through building operational and analytical capacity for investigations and through cooperation with international partners.

Samani will lend his expertise to EC3 in a formal capacity alongside his full-time role as CTO at McAfee. He will provide advice on the latest global cybercrime trends, and advise on technological advancements that can better serve EUROPOL in its fight against cybercrime.

Samani said, "Cybercrime is a global issue that demands a stronger public-private partnership, and I'm honoured to be offering my assistance to the excellent work conducted by the team at EC3."

McAfee founder John McAfee went on the run from the Belize government last year after his neighbour there was shot dead.

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