Reading List: Inactivation lock, iAds for the masses, a penny earned

Sometimes smaller stories slip through the cracks; this Thursday, we're here to catch them with a feature we call Reading List.

iOS 7 bug allows anyone to disable Find My iPhone and bypass Activation Lock without a password

The Activation Lock feature introduced with iOS 7, which prevents an iOS device from being activated without the relevant iCloud login, can apparently be bypassed with a little fleet-fingered work. (This is reminiscent of some of the passcode lock bugs we saw with earlier versions of iOS 7.) However, having a passcode enabled will thwart most people trying this one, so it's not yet time to panic in the streets.

Build Your Own iAd: Apple Throws Open Door to Platform

In yet another attempt to garner interest in its flagging iAd network, Apple has opened up the mobile advertising network to anybody who has an Apple ID. When it first launched, the ad network was more or less invitation-only, with Apple attempting to attract high-end clients; it later loosened those strictures by allowing registered Apple developers to hawk their own apps, and continually revised its rates downward. All of this has been in an attempt to provide competition with the current market powerhouse, Google, though Mountain View is still far and away the leader in the category.

Q2 FY14 Earnings Release

Apple will announced its earnings for the second quarter of 2014 on Wednesday April 23 at 2 p.m. Pacific/5 p.m. Eastern, as well as holding the usual conference call where analysts beg for scraps about products Apple plans to release, and Tim Cook merely replies with villainous laughter.

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