DCMS Twitter ‘hack' targets Maria Miller MP

Department has ‘no idea' who was responsible

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport had its Twitter account 'hacked' on Saturday, with rogue tweets targeting secretary of state Maria Miller.

Three tweets were sent from the official @DCMS account before being quickly deleted. However the messages still spread across social media after being seen by the department's 55,000 followers.

The first tweet from the DCMS account said: "Seriously though guys which one of us hasn't embezzled and cheated the taxpayer? #FreeMariaMiller."

Miller has come under scrutiny over after over-claiming £5,800 expenses claim on a second home. Last week calls were made for her resignation after a 32-second apology for failing to fully cooperate with a 15-month inquiry was deemed inadequate by politicians and members of the public.

A further tweet compared the MP to a "modern day Robin Hood" who "robs the poor to help the rich".

The final message said: "Is @Maria_MillerMP guilty? We will let the public decide."

A spokesperson at the department said they had "no idea" who was responsible for the attack, and no indication has been given whether the posts were made by external hackers or a DCMS employee.

According to the Twitter account, official tweets come "from the digital comms team".

The government is currently investigating how the account was compromised.

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