Security Watch: Tenable Network Security Extends Monitoring Capability

Tenable Network Security has extended OS support for their Nessus Agents to Mac OS X and Red Hat/CentOS Linux.

They say this will reduce an organisation’s attack surface by scanning assets that are off the network or powered-down during scheduled assessments by closing the scanning gap for laptops and other portable devices that come and go from the network and removing the need for password updates and ongoing credential management for network assets during vulnerability assessments.

Once installed on servers, portable devices and other assets Nessus Agents identify vulnerabilities, policy-violating configurations and malware on the hosts where they are installed and report results back to the Nessus server.

These vulnerability assessment capabilities, combined with agents running local on hosts and only sending results across the network, helps companies run vulnerability assessments and maintain compliance without overtaxing system resources.

Additional enhancement features of Nessus include the ability to perform configuration audits in the Rackspace public cloud to ensure systems, networks and accounts are correctly configured and deeper integration with MobileIron and AirWatch MDM systems. Nessus now provides more in-depth MDM data so customers can better protect mobile assets.

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