Security Watch: Nuix bolsters leadership team, focus on cybersec policy

Australian-owned cybersecurity, investigation and intelligence technology solution provider Nuix has appointed Rod Vawdrey, a former Corporate Executive Vice President of Fujitsu Limited Global, to its leadership team.

As Nuix’s new Chief Operating Officer, Vawdrey takes responsibility for overseeing the company’s business activities globally, including sales operations, information technology, human resources, training, facilities and strategic projects and partnerships.

A key focus for Mr Vawdrey will be the company’s efforts to highlight to executive leaders the importance of having cybersecurity policy frameworks in place to help protect their organisations from serious data breaches.

Mr Vawdrey has been an IT and innovation business leader for more than 30 years, having previously held the position of CEO and Executive Director of Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand.

Nuix’s CEO, Eddie Sheehy says “We’re extremely proud and privileged to have Rod join our executive team and his experience will help us take the company to a new level. Rod could easily be running any Fortune 500 or ASX-listed company but he has chosen to be part of Nuix.”

“Corporate and government organisations are increasingly at risk of serious cyber-threats which can have disastrous effects on their operations, financial strength and reputation,” Vawdrey says.

Nuix has been working closely with government and corporate organisations to help them develop integrated policy and technology frameworks for cyber security. Nuix was involved in the Prime Minister’s Cyber Security Review briefing and is currently engaged in further government-led cybersecurity breach workshops.

Mr Vawdrey says building a culture of security must be a top priority for executives, starting with an understanding of where the organisation keeps its data ‘crown jewels’ and then putting a strategy in place to protect them.

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