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The concept of online marketplaces was pioneered by eBay and Amazon many years ago. But these horizontal marketplaces are now being disrupted by vertical marketplaces such as Uber and Airbnb, which use technology to greatly improve the experience of buying and selling of traditional offline transactions. In doing so, these organisations have a well thought out value proposition which is flawlessly executed. This includes the front end website or app user experience, pricing, customer service feedback, rating systems, and most importantly service delivery by a selection of service providers who are able to consistently execute to a very high standard. This positive experience makes people change their behavior and adopt new ways of purchasing.

We now see many new online marketplaces disrupting many existing verticals. What attracts customers to a new online services marketplace is their belief that the marketplace is obsessed with good user experience and the quality of the services being provided.

Cyber security is not immune. We see first-hand the distortion in the information security market, with worldwide spending on IT security at $75.4 billion in 2015, Gartner predicts this spend to increase by 13.9% a year. No one is winning from this, especially the purchasers of information security services. These purchasers are facing constricting budgets, less time to devote to network and user issues, while demonstrating to shareholders and stakeholders they have everything under control.

The Infosec Marketplace seeks to level the playing field by providing certainty and value to the purchasers of information security services, while providing opportunities for high-quality, customer focused providers. It’s a one-stop place where buyers can conveniently choose the types of information security services they want, without having to deal with multiple organisations where comparing ‘apples with bananas’ seems to be the norm.

It's a win all round. Buyers save time whilst getting the best price and service available, and suppliers are quoting to pre-qualified and ready to buy purchasers.

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