Google’s G Suite gets new dashboard to spot new threats

Security centre dashboard and analytics is for G Suite Enterprise customers
Security centre dashboard and analytics is for G Suite Enterprise customers

Google has launched a new tool for G Suite that gives admins a quick snapshot of phishing and malware threats and trends that affect overall email security. 

The centerpiece of the new G Suite tool is a dashboard that offers different panels and reports showing trends that affect an organization's security. The panel views and reports cover trends in malware, phishing, external file sharing, email authentication, failed login attempts, and detected compromised device events. 

The standard dashboard view covers seven days of activity monitoring but can be customized up to a 180 day view, with threat patterns displayed as a percentage change over time. 

Admins can generate custom reports for each of the panels from the dashboard, for example to tell how inbound messages are affected by Gmail custom settings, or the volume of messages either accepted or rejected by the spam filter.   

The security center also allows admins to see which users are being targeted by phishing, allowing them to stem potential attacks, and will flag when a data leakage protection rule has been triggered for Google Drive files. 

The third major feature is the security health page which gives G Suite admins an overview of Gmail, Drive and device configurations across the organization, such as Drive sharing settings, mobile device security requirements, and two-step verification settings. 

Admins can zero-in on units with risky configurations and adjust security settings if needed. The health check also offers recommendations for securely configuring app and device management controls, as well as identify where exceptions to security rules have been made.    

The security center is available to customers with G Suite Enterprise and will be accessible from the Admin console within the next few days, according to Google


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