The Humble Cybersecurity Bundle offers everything you need to protect your PC for $15

Humble's PC security software bundle antivirus software, a top-tier password manager, encrypted cloud backup, and more.

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Keeping your PC secure isn’t always cheap. To get a top antivirus suite, for example, you’ll easily pay $50 to $100 per year. On top of that, your password manager is another $25 to $35 per year, and if you want to pay for a VPN connection it’s at least another $50 to $60 annually.

You don’t have to break the bank with today’s deal, however. Through July 3, Humble is offering a Cybersecurity Software Bundle that cuts through all the high prices to get you one heck of a deal. 

Paying $15 gets you the top offering, which includes Dashlane Premium password management; a year’s worth of Private Internet Access VPN access; a year of 2TB of SpiderOak One encrypted cloud-based backup; six months of Prey Anti-Theft Pro; a year of Vipre Advanced Security; a year of TrackOff Standard; a $25 credit for ProtonMail Plus encrypted webmail service; and a year of System Mechanic. Phew.

The bad news is that if you’re already using PIA, Dashlane Premium, or System Mechanic this bundle is not necessarily for you. All three of those services will only honor credits for new users. Still, at $15 it’s still more than worth it just for SpiderOak One backup and Vipre Advanced Security. The entire Humble Bundle would set you back $583 at retail prices. (You can choose to pay more than $15 as well, with a portion of your payment going to the International Rescue Committee and Electronic Frontier Foundation.)

We haven’t looked at all of these services, but Private Internet Access is a solid VPN, and Dashlane is our runner-up for best password manager. A review of Vipre Advanced Security is also coming, and (spoiler alert) we liked it, too.

Today’s a great day to get some great security software for your PC. The bad news? After a year the prices for all of these services will go back to normal again—unless another deal pops up 12 months from now.

[Today’s deal: Humble Software Bundle: Cybersecurity for $15 at Humble Bundle.]

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