Can you have both privacy and innovation?

Create innovative apps to help regional NSW flourish by and ID Exchange for the NSW Spark Festival 2018

Create innovative apps to help regional NSW flourish by and ID Exchange for the NSW Spark Festival 2018


There are frequent media, TV and radio reports on data-hacks of companies which hold your personal data. These headlines highlight there is a real threat to us as both users and consumers.  Hackers see value in data, as do companies who collect the data. Over the past few years regulators across the globe have been creating and implementing new rules and regulations to help better protect this user or personal data. We know that there is value in data collected about us as those companies whose business models use our data have some of the highest valuations globally – just consider Facebook, Amazon, Google, Twitter to name a few. However, in all cases the value exchange is biased to the company and does not return sufficient value to the user.

We are also bombarded with messages from security companies who tell us that we should do more to protect ourselves (as our data has value) whilst being tempted to give up our data to access free services that we are addicted to – and this presents itself as a choice.  Do you want privacy and security or sharing and innovation?

If you want privacy and security you are told you have to share less, which means less access to free services and this will protect you from danger – which is not true.  However, the choice offered is reduce your privacy, share more and enjoy the services and innovation – which is also not true.

As users what we want is to share more and have more privacy. It is through this prisoner dilemma that we are aiming to showcase it is possible at the #digisparkhack.  We are running a Hackathon where coders and designers can build on the platform which enables individuals to have control over their own data, giving them more privacy and more sharing and more innovation.  

We want innovators, inventors, engineers and entrepreneurs to come and create apps that provide a fairer exchange of value for the users.

The digi.spark Hackathon is featured as a headline event “Create innovative app’s to help Regional NSW flourish” as part of the 2018 NSW Spark Festival and will be hosted at UTS Broadway with the social aim to assist the forming of innovation partnerships to best support Regional operators.  The event is proudly backed by industry firms including, Alibaba, TAS, Holiday Coast Credit Union, SISS Data as curated by Privacy Tech start-up ID Exchange who also represents in Australia.

About Digi.Spark Hacakthon:

Dates:              Weekend of Friday October 26th to Sunday October 28th

Timing:            Friday from 17.30 to 21.00       Ideation and Team formation, drinks and food

                          Saturday from 09.00 to 20.00   First and second iterations, showcase to groups

                          Sunday from 10.00 to 16.00    Awards and presentation from 14.00

Prizes:              $25K in prizes inc. trip for 4 to China - Alibaba Cloud Conference 2019

Location:         University of Technology, Broadway NSW

Partners:          ID Exchange,, Alibaba Cloud, TAS, SISS Data, HCCU

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