The week in security: Cybercriminals celebrate NDB’s first anniversary with... more breaches

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The game-changing notifiable data breaches (NDB) scheme marked its first anniversary

To mark the occasion, CSO has launched its Security Capabilities Survey 2019; we encourage all readers to participate so we can identify the issues that are most relevant to you throughout the year (for your time, there’s a draw to win a DJI Mavic Air 4K Drone Fly More pack valued at $1599).

Cybercriminals were busy commemorating the milestone with – among other breaches – a ransomware outbreak that locked a group of heart specialists out of their patient records for several weeks, and an IT contractor leaving 2.7m recorded calls for health advice exposed on the Internet.

Analysts blamed a stubbornly persistent lack of serious focus on security

Trying to fix this may take a major overhaul in attitudes towards cybersecurity – and educational authorities are starting early, with a new cybersecurity program launched to target school students as early as Year 7.

There has been a lot of talk about the Internet of Things (IoT) threat, but talk became action with the discovery of a Mirai variant that has been targeting Polycom videoconferencing systems.

No wonder we’re talking about the age of ‘sensor panic’; we are overrun with sensors and, by extension, with potential security vulnerabilities.

The new US Congress was turning its attention to cybersecurity legislation,

Microsoft announced that it would give free AccountGuard security service to users in 12 EU countries in the wake of the Fancy Bear political hacking.

Cisco identified two high-security vulnerabilities in its HyperFlex data centre system.

Drupal was warning Drupal and WordPress users that they should be ready to update with an imminent patch.

Speaking of application insecurity, an analysis of Google Chrome extensions found that a third of them are using libraries with known vulnerabilities.

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