Defense against dark arts: Multidisciplinary security quiz

Do you know enough arcane vocabulary to impress your party guests?

1. Barbican

a. Exterior walled passage at a castle entrance that forces intruders into a narrow space

b. Development project name for software on the first DEC VAX

c. Australian for "grill"

2. Blowback

a. Erroneous results from a ping that flood and disable the inquiring computer

b. Misinformation planted by spies from country A to mislead country B, that then filters back and misleads the government of country A

c. Clues in legitimate tax returns that lead to discovery of fraud

3. Chad Box

a. A variation on Nigerian or 411 scams

b. Non-shredding discard box for visitor badges

c. Receptacle for debris from '70s data-processing punchcards

4. Cobbler

a. Espionage agent who creates false documents

b. Infosec defender with capabilities equal to a script kiddie

c. Tasty dessert that makes fruit unhealthy to eat

5. Dry Cleaning

a. Vacuuming dust out of an old computer chassis

b. Methods used by a spy to figure out if he or she is being watched

c. Washing illicit funds through a series of businesses to confuse the audit trail

6. Innocent Postcard

a. Email to sysadmins attempting to explain porn surfing was "accidental"

b. High-volume, low-content email sent to slow down any subsequent e-discovery efforts

c. Meaningless message sent to an address in a neutral country, verifying that a covert operative is still safe

7. Kapelle

a. Top secret communications security device used by the KGB; operators were called pianists

b. A gable atop castle ramparts intended to deflect projectiles

c. '90s boy band with limited commercial success

8. Layering

a. Including slightly different misinformation in each of several versions of a story told to multiple mistrusted people

b. Washing illicit funds through a series of businesses to confuse the audit trail

c. Serving multiple types of cobbler in the same dish

9. Murder Hole

a. A small opening in the chad box

b. An apparently minor misconfiguration

c. A hole in a passage wall or ceiling that castle defenders used to shoot arrows at invaders

10. Starburst Maneuver

a. Cars in a convoy suddenly go in different directions to identify or shake anyone tailing them

b. Any very simple hacking technique (as in "candy from a baby")

c. Washing illicit funds through a series of businesses to confuse the audit trail













0-4 points: Try to read more often

5-7 points: Well done

8-10 points: Try to get outside more often