iOS 12 will flag reused passwords and prompt users to change them

Apple has unveiled iOS 12, which builds on the iOS 11’s in-built password manager with new tools to catch bad password practices and make entering passwords in apps and websites easier. 

iOS 12, announced at WWDC today, will carry out a password audit and flag any passwords for apps and websites that have been reused. Users can access the passwords list to find the app or website with the reused password and use iOS to generate a suggested strong password, which is then stored in iCloud Keychain. 

Apple has also changed how iOS 12 handles SMS one-time passcodes. Instead of receiving the SMS and having to remember a code to type in, one-time passcodes will now appear as AutoFill suggestions, allowing users to simply click the option. Also, Siri can now be used to find passwords.   

iOS 12 will make it easier to share and receive passwords from nearby iOS devices. Password sharing will work from an iOS device to a Mac and from an iOS device to Apple TV. 

Apple is also opening up access to QuickType and Password AutoFill to third-party password managers. A new related feature will let developers share login session information between a website in Safari and the associated app to help make logins easier for users.  

Apple’s WebKit developers have also released Intelligent Tracking Prevention 2.0, Apple’s answer to cookies used to track users across sites. This version takes aim at Facebook and other social media Share buttons and comment widgets on web pages that track Safari users without their permission. Safari will also now prevent advertisers from collecting a device’s unique settings, which are used to retarget ads to users. 

The tighter controls on tracking are also coming to macOS Mojave, which Apple also announced today. macOS apps will need to get user permission before using the Mac camera and microphone and will need permission to access personal data in Mail history and Messages database. 

iOS 12 is available in preview to developers today and will be available to the public through it beta program later this month. Apple plans to release iOS 12 and macOS Mojave at some point in the third-quarter.