The week in security: More stolen passwords, more data-management risk

Apple and Facebook were at odds, blocking Facebook from running internal iOS apps after it was revealed that Facebook was using such an app to collect data about its customers.

This, as there were reports of a ‘Karma’ attack that can hack an iPhone just by sending it a specially formatted message via iMessage.

New enterprise compliance and security dashboards designed to help companies manage their GDPR obligations.

This sort of vigilance has become even more important, given the flood of new stolen credentials onto the Internet – partly the result of credential-stuffing attacks that confirm staff are still reusing too many passwords.

The dangers of poor password management are being compounded by ongoing leaks of user ID-and-password combinations, with a second major leak pushing the number of recently compromised credentials to 2.19 billion.

No wonder companies see security as a top data management challenge, according to a new survey that found that surging volumes of enterprise data are having all kinds of repercussions.

A joint US-European task force succeeded in shutting down a marketplace that was selling access to hacked servers.