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8 essential features you need in a business router

A router is the heart of your network, so it deserves to be chosen carefully. Any router will share your Internet connection amongst your computers and other networkable devices (smartphones, tablets, and so on), but better models provide features that will enhance your network and its performance. Whether you're seeking a business- or consumer-class router, here are the eight most essential features to look for.

Eric Geier | 17 May | Read more

Google Chrome: Best security tips for safer browsing

There's a lot to like about Google Chrome's built-in security features. The browser offers unique sandboxing functions and privilege restrictions, and even updates itself in the background to help better protect you from hackers and malware. But like all browsers, Chrome is imperfect, and there are steps you can take to protect it from attack. Here's how to get the most from Chrome's built-in security features, and work around its security shortcomings.

Eric Geier | 18 Mar | Read more

Kaspersky PURE 3.0 Total Security adds online shopping protection

On Monday, Kaspersky released version 3.0 of PURE Total Security--the company's most-feature-packed PC antivirus and security product--priced at $90 for a 3-user, 1-year license. There are no major visual changes, but this new version has some new and improved features in addition to the existing file encryption, file backup, password manager, parental controls, and remote access features, among others.

Eric Geier | 05 Mar | Read more

Windows 8: Put its hidden security features to work!

Don't let the Windows 8 haters brainswash you: Microsoft actually introduced a few great features in its new operating system, some of which will help keep you safer from malware and other security threats. Though most of these security enhancements are active by default, you still must be proactive to get the most from them. Also, one new Windows 8 feature presents specific security concerns that must be addressed to keep your PC--and your data--as safe as possible. Let's jump in and investigate.

Eric Geier | 08 Feb | Read more

Low-cost RADIUS servers for Wi-Fi security

Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) servers are common in enterprise networks to offer centralized authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) for access control. But RADIUS servers can also be useful in small and midsize networks to enable 802.1X authentication and WPA2 (802.11i) security for Wi-Fi nets.

Eric Geier | 10 Sep | Read more

Can You Trust Your Browser With Your Passwords?

Having your Web browser remember your passwords and/or credit card details can be convenient, but it poses some security risks. How much of a risk depends on which browser you’re using, whether you sync with other devices, and whether you’re using any of the browser's extra security features. Here are the main vulnerabilities in some of the most popular browsers—Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox—and ways you can protect against those weak spots.

Eric Geier | 23 Aug | Read more

Antivirus on Windows 8: Looking at Your Options

Microsoft will include antivirus in Windows 8 for the first time in the history of Windows. But will this software--the new version of Windows Defender--provide adequate protection against viruses, spyware, and other malware? Let's take a closer look at what Windows Defender provides, and whether its features are enough to keep you safe.

Eric Geier | 26 Jul | Read more

Bitdefender Releases 2013 Line of Antivirus Products

Bitdefender released its 2013 line of products on Tuesday: Antivirus Plus 2013 ($49.95), Internet Security 2013 ($69.95), and Total Security 2013 ($79.95). Pricing varies upon length of protection and how many PCs you want to protect, but those listed here include 1 year for up to 3 PCs.

Eric Geier | 26 Jun | Read more