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Research says online password meters are unreliable

By now, you've probably been lectured about the importance of using strong passwords by your company's IT department, technology-savvy friends and any number of tech writers. You get it, so I won't repeat the lecture. However, the passwords you think are strong might not be.

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Verizon is Tracking Mobile Users Online, Researcher Says

Verizon Wireless, the largest wireless carrier in the United States, has been quietly adding little bits of code, or "tokens," to data requests made via mobile devices on its network for at least two years. The tokens let advertisers build profiles of users' Web activities and deliver targeted ads. The ads, in turn, generate revenue that Verizon shares via partnerships.

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Why You Really Shouldn't Worry About In-Store Beacons

When it comes to wireless tracking and electronic spying, paranoia is often the right response. Not always, though. Case in point: The rather hysterical flap over beacons, which use Bluetooth technology to detect nearby mobile devices and deliver advertisements and other related content. You'd think the little devices were something out of a sci-fi movie, ready to track your every move and send the data to the Dark Powers that be.

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FTC Fines Tech Giants for Violating Kids' Privacy

Privacy advocates and the FTC are putting pressure on a number of major tech companies, including Apple, Amazon and Yelp, for allowing children to register on their sites. What's the big deal? It's not about kiddie porn or fears that a child will hook up with a molester. It's something a lot less dramatic, but still very important.

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Android Devices Exposed: 7 Ways to Thwart Hackers

Take a deep breath. There's a new report out highlighting a <a href=";emc=cta4">huge spike in threats against Google's Android platform</a>. Yes, it's something to be concerned about. But don't freak out or return your cool new Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Bill Snyder | 31 Aug | Read more

Home Wi-Fi network security: 4 ways to avoid big trouble

Locking down your home Wi-Fi network with a password is like making sure you eat your broccoli. It's probably good for you, but you probably think it's not much of a priority or a big deal. Well, it's time to make an attitude adjustment. It turns out that you can cause yourself a good deal of trouble by leaving that door to your system unlocked.

Bill Snyder | 03 May | Read more

Epsilon e-mail hack: How you can protect yourself

Most of the time I only hear from my credit card companies when I owe them money or when they want to sell me a new service. That's changed; now I'm being bombarded with notes telling me that a company I never heard of has been successfully hacked and these still unknown bad guys now have my name and e-mail address -- and maybe more.

Bill Snyder | 12 Apr | Read more