Stories by George V. Hulme

Global infosec survey finds more talk - but not more action

Anyone you care to ask will likely--and reasonably--agree that the threats against IT systems and data are serious and organizations need to take appropriate steps to protect their infrastructure and information. But if you look at the practices actually in use at many organizations, it becomes painfully apparent that there's still a wide gulf between ideals and reality.

George V. Hulme | 24 Oct | Read more

Secure360: The failure of risk management

IT security and risk professionals who attended the 7th Annual Secure360 Conference earlier this week at the St. Paul River Center in Saint Paul, Minnesota certainly heard a startling earful as the show kicked-off: If they're not managing risk right in their organization, they may, in fact, be the biggest risk their organization faces.

George V. Hulme | 11 May | Read more

Hacktivists have the enterprises' attention. Now what?

Enterprise security pros have plenty to worry about: malware, insiders stealing information, an employee leaving an unencrypted notebook full of gigabytes of intellectual property on a train. However, the spate of hacktivist attacks in recent years from groups such as Anonymous and LulzSec has upped the anxiety level. According to a number of recent surveys, Most IT and security professionals see Anonymous as a serious threat to their companies.

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StubHub scalps fraudsters

Robert Capps knows a lot about fraud and transaction-level risk. As senior manager of trust and safety at StubHub, Capps has witnessed just about every trick that can be thrown at a fraudulent transaction. In case you're not aware, since 2000, StubHub has provided a marketplace for event-goers to buy and sell tickets to sporting games, concerts and theater shows.

George V. Hulme | 24 Apr | Read more

Embedded system security much more dangerous, costly than traditional software vulnerabilities

One of the biggest challenges in security today is how the software in our operating systems and applications are so full of holes. And while traditional software makers have made (some) headway in developing more resilient applications, experts say embedded device and systems makers -- from those who create implanted medical devices to industrial control systems -- are eons behind in secure system design and development maturity.

George V. Hulme | 17 Apr | Read more