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Severe space weather: How big a threat?

Last week a dark spot on the Sun, nearly the size of Jupiter, let go with a massive solar eruption. For a number of days thereafter, scientists around the world waited to see if the discharged solar plasma and charged particles would interfere with communication systems, satellites, computer circuits and even the electrical grid.

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How security can add value to DevOps

While cloud computing and agile development and management processes are shaking the very foundations of the traditional IT department, it's important that organizations embrace these disciplines securely. With that in mind, we recently sat down with Gene Kim, award-winning entrepreneur, researcher and founder-former CTO of security firm Tripwire. Kim is also co-author of the books "Visible Ops" and "Visible Ops Security" -- which codify how organizations make their IT transformation from "good to great." In this interview we focus on the benefits of adding Rugged development principles to the DevOps IT organization.

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RSA Conference 2012: Former NSA director says secure Clouds can't come fast enough

At the third annual <a href="">Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) summit</a> today, Michael McConnell, former director of the National Security Agency, urged the audience of 1,200 security experts to do what they can to help build trusted cloud computing systems.

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Privacy 2012: I know what you did at 3:30 a.m.

2011 saw a number of significant privacy events. From Facebook and Google Plus dueling over privacy policies to concerns over what information your mobile phone actually knows about you. However, technology keeps moving forward, and privacy issues are sure to follow. For a peek into what experts expect in the year and years ahead when it comes to privacy, we turned to <a href="">Rebecca Herold (aka the Privacy Professor)</a> for answers.

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Carrier IQ security risks overblown?

While we wait for the final judgment on the privacy implications of the <a href="">Carrier IQ fiasco</a>, security pros are asking what the potential security implications of the embattled mobile diagnostic software could be.

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Medical data breaches soar, according to study

Security <a href="">breaches among healthcare organizations</a> are soaring. That's the conclusion of the Second Annual Benchmark Study on Patient Privacy and Data Security conducted by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by ID Experts.

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Healthcare breaches: Do they even matter?

While the healthcare industry moves to invest billions into electronic health records, <a href="">a steady trail of breaches and broken promises of security</a> is starting to take its toll on patient trust.

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Experts advise caution, information sharing in wake of alleged utility attacks

Experts in the security of critical infrastructure have had the weekend to digest news that <a href="">a public utility water pump in Springfield, Ill. was destroyed at the hands of remote attackers</a> who were able to gain access to the SCADA systems controlling it. Their initial advice: Share any information that can minimize or stop the next attack, but don't jump to conclusions.

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