Stories by Todd R. Weiss

Corporate IT council to review safeguarding data

Looking beyond traditional IT network security, a new Data Governance Council has been created by IBM and several dozen companies and IT organizations to help corporate technology users look into better protecting their data against hacker attacks and other breaches.

Todd R. Weiss | 04 Jul | Read more

Visa adds tool to its credit card antifraud arsenal

Aiming to reduce credit card fraud, Visa USA has launched a security tool that allows merchants to instantly check transactions in stores or online, so they can identify fraud before a transaction is completed. In an announcement Monday, the credit card company said its new "advanced authorization" system is expected to help prevent an estimated US$164 million in fraud-related losses over the next five years.

Todd R. Weiss | 14 Jun | Read more

ISC opens Internet crisis center

Last October's hacker attack on the global root servers that run the core addressing system of the Internet knocked out seven of the 13 servers for a time, but caused nary a problem for most Internet users.

Todd R. Weiss | 21 Oct | Read more