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Matt Tett ( is the Managing Director of Enex TestLab (, an independent ISO17025 accredited testing laboratory with a 30+ year history, ISO 9001 Quality certification, ISO 27001 Security certification and a University heritage (RMIT).

Hacking humans

Human factors have always been the bane of security professionals, and social engineering is also high on the list of factors requiring mitigation measures and controls. Yet their very nature makes them highly variable – humans will always work out circumvention to a control if it makes their lives easier.

Matt Tett | 04 Jul | Read more

Close the Interwebz?

In my last CSO blog I posted about the Australian Federal Governments recent proposal that requires Internet Service Providers to retain their customers’ activity logs for a period of two years.

Matt Tett | 05 Dec | Read more

Review: WatchGuard XTM2050

What is big, flexible, red and costs more than your average mid-range family sedan? Not a HSV—not quite that much—but this top of the range unified threat management (UTM) device (or in this case, XTM– the X presumably being a variable) is definitely in a high performance category. The XTM2050 from WatchGuard is one of a new breed of security devices that packs punch.

Matt Tett | 22 May | Read more

Juniper EX4500 review

Review of the Juniper EX4500 Ethernet switch. They connect desktops to servers in the data centre via a three-tier system of access, aggregation and core Ethernet switches.

Matt Tett | 17 Nov | Read more

A summit everyone on the Internet needs to climb.

October 17 marks the start of the two-day Australian IPv6 Summit, to be held in Melbourne. This year the event returns to the Sebel Hotel in Albert Park, with a speaker line-up that reads like a who’s who of networking industry in the APAC region. The event promises to continue the evangelisation of IPv6 — the next generation of Internet Protocol that ultimately we are eventually going to need whether we like it or not.

Matt Tett | 13 Sep | Read more