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Ex-prosecutor: Politician's plea for UFO hacker lacks facts

A former prosecutor says the Mayor of London was ignoring the facts this week when he publicly <a href=";articleId=9126868"> threw his support </a> behind the man who has admitted hacking into <a href=";searchTerms=U.S.+Armed+Forces"> U.S. military </a> computers in 2001.

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Swarming spy bots that share information being built for military

A group of US Marines hunker down beside a building, enemy fire coming at them from somewhere up ahead. One soldier reaches into his pack and pulls out a few robots that look like large bugs. The bots fly down the street, sending back images that show where the enemy troops are hiding, how many there are and what weapons they're using.

Sharon Gaudin | 12 May | Read more

Howard Schmidt talks privacy, background checks

Howard Schmidt today is the CEO of R&H Security Consulting. However, he's better known around the world for working in the White House for 31 years. A former White House security adviser, he was appointed by President Bush as Special Adviser for Cyberspace Security just three months after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

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