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Mitigating the risk of cloud services failure

One of CIOs' biggest concerns about the infrastructure-as-a-service model has been the loss of control over assets and management that enterprises might experience upon moving into a multi-tenant environment. While analysts and early adopters of infrastructure-as-a-service offerings have argued that such apprehension is rooted more in fear than fact, Amazon's recent public data center debacle has given everyone good reason to question the reliability of the public cloud.

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Port of Los Angeles Fights Crime Fighting With Mobile Video

The Project: Deploy mobile communications software to enable transmission of live video to and from the Port of Los Angeles' control centers and harbor police in the field. The project is part of a $4.2 million integrated command console system designed to improve security responsiveness at the nation's busiest cargo port.

Stephanie Overby | 28 Jan | Read more

Your World. . . Hacked

The call to Bob Bailey, an IT executive with a major US government contractor, came on an otherwise ordinary day in October 2003. "Why are you attacking us?" demanded the caller, an IT leader with a Silicon Valley manufacturer. He wanted to know why Bailey's company had launched a denial-of-service attack against his network

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Bound to Fail

The crash of a critical legacy system at Comair is a classic risk management mistake that cost the airline $US20 million and badly damaged its reputation.

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