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How to Protect Yourself From Certificate Bandits

There have been two major Certificate Authority (CA) attacks this year. In March, a hacker successfully penetrated one of the largest CA's on the Web--Comodo--and managed to <a href="">issue bogus certificates</a> to himself (including one for Yahoo). The <a href="">second incident</a> took place this week when a Dutch CA, Diginotar, was compromised and a number of fake certificates were issued.

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'Related' Browser Add-On: Handy, But at Cost to Privacy

A nifty Google browser extension called "Google Related" makes finding associated Web content a snap, but for privacy-minded Web surfers the convenience will come with a hefty cost. The Chrome Web browser extension creates a navigation bar at the bottom of the browser, and as you roll your mouse cursor over the bar Google generates content relevant to what's on the page you're viewing.

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'Watchmen' Author Supports WikiLeaks Whistleblower

In what appears to be a ramp-up of celebrity support, famous graphic novel author Alan Moore Monday issued a statement in praise of PFC Bradley Manning. Manning is the G.I. accused of <a href="">leaking classified U.S. government documents</a> to WikiLeaks.

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Seagate offers data recovery with hard drive purchase

Hard drive crashes are a nightmare for computer users for many reasons. Not only can data held dear to one's heart be lost, but trying to recover it can cost an arm and a leg, if not more. Hard drive maker Seagate attempts to address both those problems with the release today of its GoFlex Turbo drive with SafetyNet data recovery services.

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