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Hacked electric skateboards could send riders flying

Skateboarding can be a fun way to get around town, and electric skateboards make commuting via skateboard a more viable option for many. But as a recent Wired article reminds us, electric skateboards are effectively computers on wheels, and unless they're properly secured, they too can be vulnerable to hacking.

Nick Mediati | 10 Aug | Read more

Encrypted connections coming soon for all Wikipedia readers

As of right now, the data that moves between and most users is unencrypted, which increases the chances that someone else may be eavesdropping on you. That, however, is about to change: On Friday, the Wikimedia Foundation announced that it's moving its sites toward HTTPS by default, so that all data transferred between you and its servers will be encrypted.

Nick Mediati | 15 Jun | Read more