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iCloud flaw may have allowed nude celebrity photos to leak

A funny thing happened on the Internet on Sunday as a cache of nude photos of Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence, and other big-name stars made their way onto 4chan, as BuzzFeed notes. Reports indicate that this leak may have been the result of a hacker (or hackers) taking advantage of a flaw in Apple's iCloud service.

Nick Mediati | 02 Sep | Read more

The EFF wants to improve your privacy by making your Wi-Fi public

Conventional wisdom dictates that to maintain your security and privacy, you should encrypt your Wi-Fi network. But what if the conventional wisdom is wrong? The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) argues that partially opening up your home Wi-Fi network could actually enhance your privacy, and is working on a tool to make it easier to do so.

Nick Mediati | 22 Jun | Read more

How to find out if someone has been snooping in your Gmail

Your Gmail account probably contains some sensitive information--emails from your friends and family members, information about accounts for other services, candid pictures, you name it. What if someone else has been poking around in there? Fortunately, Google gives you the tools necessary to find out.

Nick Mediati | 28 Jan | Read more

Save your Internet bacon with two-factor authentication

Anyone who's paid attention to computer security over the past few years will probably tell you that your password isn't enough. Passwords are often awkward and hard to remember--leading people to use the same password for multiple sites--and if someone gets a hold of your login credentials, they can wreak havoc with your personal information. Not good.

Nick Mediati | 30 Oct | Read more

Keep your PayPal account safer with two-factor authentication

If you use PayPal and don't take your account security seriously, you are asking for all sorts of trouble, what with all the financial information your account holds. After all, you don't want someone to get into your PayPal account and pay themselves your entire life savings. Using two-factor authentication can help keep malicious types at bay.

Nick Mediati | 29 Oct | Read more